Tell me your overall experience here at our University!

These are the survey from our past students who graduated from here.  We did not alter any wordings from their survey.  All survey coming from our students are property  and owned by Classic W/ Style.  I use our old students  survey so they will all know they all learned from Simply The Best University of Classic W/ Style..
My UCWS experience has been great. I've learned so much more than i ever expected. I won't lie, at times it was very difficult... and in the begining..I was soon young... only 3 months rezzed.. and having to learn soo much, while still learning SL, almost caused me to give up... But, DebbieDoo and some of my fellow students reminded me of why i was here, that i wasn't a quitter, and i stuck it out... it took a lot of time, focus and energy, but i did it... and i'm soo glad i did... i would recommend the experience to anyone.
by LyxaWilde Resident
Class of 2010

Well at the first time when i was ask to join the  University, i thought the "fee was too much for a class, i can say i was wrong, becouse this "school worth it ALL... The Executive Trainer thought me all the tip i didnt know about modeling, thank u so much LADIES.
by Helen Zhora
Class from 2010

These have been the most hectic, exciting and overwhelming 3 weeks of my whole second life experience, I have made great friends that will definitely outlast my modeling career and most of all the learning experience, I have learned there is a vain me inside trying to be the best.
by Diana Balhaus

  I am very happy to say I have attended several modeling academy and this that CWS University surpasses them all.  The knowledge gained here is awesome, the why things are presented is great.  The teachers are so willing to help and have great patience.  They understand what I think is important how to be constructive in criticism and how to help you understand a mistake and help you with steps to correct and move on.  I know there are things I still need to master better and I am confident that these ladies will always be here to help.  I come out of mid-terms and look forward to finals with more confidence than when I started class.  This has been a very, very positive experience for me.
by Chloe Panthar

learn more from UCWS then any other acemedies I've been in. I learn more from here then I ever did before.This is the best University I very attended in second life. Thank you for lettinfg me attend.
Desi McKeenan

It was amazingggg i loved every second. Trainers are awesome, acessible, friendly and verry professional.
They teach verry well not in rush, always with enough time to teach us, even after classes if it's need. That's great. Makes us feel more confident.
by Izadora Pelazzi

Was intense, I like it, I learned a lot about modeling, I think is a good place to learn and practice a lot if someone want to be in this world of modeling.
3 weeks of hard work at the university, learning, practicing, doing homeworks, trying to do events,blogging,  is a complete school and the money that I payed for the classes are very fair.
Great teachers, great team, great models in the group, and of course great owners :), I'm glad that you invited me to join the university and you and Steve do a really good and hard work managing it, congrats and hope you'll in the bussiness for a looooooong time :)
by Lua Vendetta
Class of July 2010

I have graduated from 3 other course so I was already familiar with most of the material, although I definitely learned several very valuable nuggets that I did not know before.  My only issues is that at times it seemed we were getting contradictory information, in terms of what had to be done and formations etc, but it all sorted itself out in the end.
 Lulu Breuer
 Class of May 2010

It was absolutely fabulous! I loved every minute, including the ones in which I was frustrated with myelf (lol). The instructors were all so amazing and supportive. Whenever I needed help outside of class one was there to lend a helping hand. Debbie and Veronica were the ones I turned to the most. In fact Veronica spent an afternoon on voice with me and walked me through building AOs and my Huddle. Debbie kept me calm and always showered me with love and positive thoughts. What a wonderful month. I'll always look back fondly on November 2010.
By PinkTikiCat Luv

I had a great experience despite all my technical difficulties. I learned a lot from all the trainers and the pro's who were always helpful by sharing tips to improve my performance as a model. I also receied a lot of great tips on how to set the computer to reduce lag. I became discouraged when my computer caught a virus and crashed dumping all my information. I lost it all. So I had to rebuild from the ground up and am still not completely there but oer 400.00 later it is better and I have not been crashing as often. While experiencing tremendous discouragement i went to Anrol and the trainers to drop out as I did not want to slow down my fellow clasmates. I was so pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming support I got to try and stick it out and that I did not have to give up but that you all understood my issues. It was at that moment when I felt like this was not just an agency, not just a school, but a supportive family. I feel so blessed to be part of such a wonderful and dynamic group.
By  AmyChirstine Avedon

I Love it here and look forward to representing this University with a passion and Professionalism, wherever I go I will represent this Univerisity  in a manner that reflects the good of all who have given so much time to make a better Model of me. I love you all.
AngelRaella Shelman

I enjoyed every minuite of the modling course, stress, long hours and all. I learnt so much in such a short time its unbeliveable. i met some fantastic people on the course with me. so oevrall mys experience was very positive, enjoyable and very imformative.
SD DamianoIt was fun and challenging.

By Ananya Mai
Class from 2009

I learned more that i previously new.. Alot material was a review, maybe 60 percent.  I wish I could have don this course 5 months ago.  With my hectic RL schedule, it was difficult to be here sometimes, but I'm glad I did.. Smiles
by Jasmine Loening
Class from 2009

It was fun and challenging.
By Ananya Mai
Class from 2009

I learned more that i previously new.. Alot material was a review, maybe 60 percent.  I wish I could have don this course 5 months ago.  With my hectic RL schedule, it was difficult to be here sometimes, but I'm glad I did.. Smiles
by Jasmine Loening
Class from 2009